'Appy Kennels & Creche

                                              Boarding Contract










Of­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ______________________________________________________________


Do hereby request ‘Appy Kennels & Creche to board the following dog which is:

Owned by me          □      In my care                   □


Phone number:  ­­­_____________Mobile: _________________Sterilised:  YES/NO


Dog Name ____________________________D.O.B_______________M/F________


Vaccination Date: _____________________________Breed of Dog: _____________


Dog’s Vet: ____________________________ Phone: _________________________


Owners email address or phone no. for emergencies: _________________________



Does dog Jump/Climb Fences ___________ Metres.  Does Dog chew?  YES/NO


Allergies/Medication Type: ____________________________________


All Medication must be labelled with clear instructions


Special Diet must be labelled and in sealed container with instructions


Heartworm: __________________Vaccination Certificate Sighted­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ _______________


The period of boarding will be at the rate of $ ­­­    .00 per day 


Arrival date: ________________ Departure date: _________________________


Total days____________________


Invoice total________________________



Please read terms and conditions then sign.




Signature: __________________________________ Date: _____________________

1.     Definitions:

        "the Animal" - means the animal or animals listed overleaf.

        "emergency contact: - means the emergency contact person listed overleaf

        'Appy Kennels & Creche (AK)

2.     The owner warrants that all of the information inserted by the owner overleaf is true and correct.

3.     Unless (AK) otherwise agrees, all boarding charges are payable in advance on the date the animal

        commences boarding at (AK)

4.     The owner will pay (AK) interest on all outstanding accounts at a rate of 8% per annum calculated from the

        date of (AK) invoice.  The owner will also pay (AK) debt collection cost, (including, without limitation, legal

        cost on a full indemnity basis).

5.     If, in the opinion of (AK), the animals require any veterinary treatment while at (AK), then the following

        provisions apply:

              a.  If reasonable practicable, and if the owner's veterinarian agrees to render his or her account direct

                   to the owner, than (AK) may engage the services of the owner's veterinarian and in doing will be

                   acting as the owner's agent:

              b.  If the owners Veterinarian is unavailable or unwilling to invoice the owner direct or, in (AK)'s absolute

                   discretion, it is impracticable to take the animal to the owner's veterinarian than (AK) may engage a

                   veterinarian of its own choice to treat the animal:

              c.  The owner will, on demand, reimburse (AK) for all veterinary and pharmaceutical cost incurred by (AK)

                    in respect of the animal:

              d.  The owner will pay (AK) for transport of the animal to a veterinarian at the same rate charged by (AK)

                    from time to time for pick up and delivery of animal:

              e.  (AK) will attempt to contact the owner or the owner's emergency contact person to obtain instructions

                   concerning treatment of the animal:

              f.  If the emergency contact is unavailable or unwilling to make any decisions in respect of the animal then

                  (AK) may make such a decision as it sees fit in respect of the treatment and (AK) will not be liable for any

                  loss suffered as a result of any such decisions.

6.     In the case of any stay exceeding four weeks, (AK) may, at its discretion groom the animal and the owner will

        pay a reasonable cost of grooming.

7.     If the animal remains uncollected for more than fourteen days beyond the date of departure stated overleaf,

        and the owner does not make arrangements satisfactory to (AK) for an extension of the animal's stay, then

        (AK) may, as the owners agent sell the animal and apply the proceeds of sale in reduction of (AK) fees and


8.    The owner acknowledges that:

              a.  In an open range environment, dogs may occasionally fight; and

              b.  Although immunized, some dogs may carry contagious diseases such as, without limitation,

                   kennel cough without displaying symptoms of the same.

9.     (AK), its servants and agents will not be responsible for illness or injury to the animal or any loss of the animal

        howsoever such illness, injury or loss may occur and the owner indemnifies (AK) and will keep it indemnified

        against claim in relation to any such illness, injury or loss.

10.  Space booked will be charged for and no refunds apply.