Judith Bleakley


I was brought up with British Bull Terriers, both my parents and grandparents had them as pets, dogs have a place in my earliest memories.


I then fell in love with the working dog breeds and owned a kelpie x and my first border collie.

I lived in the country in England and used to go and visit a friend who owned a farm and border collies, these dogs not only were working dogs but were also loving pets.

In my early twenties I became involved with obedience and agility and competed nearly every weekend and then became a professional dog trainer with the RSPCA and Clever Creatures.  

I became an obedience and agility trainer with Gosnells Obedience Dog Club and Southern River Obedience and Agility Dog Club.

I am a member of Dogs West, the governing body for all registered breeders in Western Australia.

In 2018 I bred my second litter of Border Collies bringing my family of dogs to a total of 5.

Lockette aged 13

Charm aged 9

Drake aged 3

Pandora aged  3

Miss Onyx aged 5 months