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Even for humans new situations can be stressful and that's why at 'Appy Kennels the most important thing to us for your dog is feeling secure and happy away from home.  Your dog gets to play for a minimum of six hours per day (weather permitting) in large play areas (approximately 24m x 9m) with dogs of a similar size (PLEASE NOTE - Judith reserves the right to refuse any dog to maintain a friendly environment) and we know that at the end of their stay your dog will go home happy and probably sleep for a few days!

Your dog will enjoy a spacious single kennel (doubles also available) and will have their very own hammock bed for comfort.  You are welcome to bring a blanket and toy from home for extra comfort.  Please check this link  for information regarding beds and toys.   Please also check our Conditions of Entry  which you are required to sign when dropping off your dog.

After playtime it's breakfast or dinner time and your dog is fed with only the best.  We use a super premium holistic kibble from Eagle Pack  - which contains 2 sources of meat and fish, organically grown chicken, pesticide free grains and no wheat.  Our meat is supplied by Tucker Time  which before processing to dog food is fit for human consumption.  For more details on the ingredients please follow the provided links.

If you are worried about the weather, stop worrying!  At 'Appy Kennels we have all forms of weather covered from cozy double fleece jackets & raincoats for stormy weather and a beautiful Coolmist system for those steaming hot days (click the link to see some of our regulars enjoying the blissful cool!).

Updated!  'Appy Kennels is proud to announce that we have updated out Snake Repellers in time for snake season!  This unique product is 100% safe to use around children and animals.  It emits a pulsing vibration which the snakes sense throughout their body, believing it to be a threat area they retreat almost immediately.  Our original snake repellers emitted a pulse on a regular pattern, the new ones however, pulse on an irregular basis to keep the snakes away!  Just in time for summer these solar powered repellers will help keep your dog safe from snakes when they're playing in the compounds.

We provide other services such as Doggy Day Care.

Please take the time to read our 'things you should know ' before bringing your dog for their holiday.



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